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    Lauren Helfrich, Graduate Intern

    Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a graduate student at Houston Baptist University. I have completed all the required coursework to provide you with the best care possible. My supervisor is Kendra J. Watkins, MS, NCC, LPC at Beautifully Awakened Counseling PLLC. My University Supervisor is Dr. Angela Waggoner, PhD, LPC to ensure I give exceptional counseling. 

    I received my Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at University of Texas at Dallas. I am currently working towards a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Houston Baptist University. I am open to working with people at all life stages and join their journey. 

    As a student in a counseling program I have the utmost respect and empathy for your story. I view counseling as an integrated and collaborative relationship. I enjoy group counseling, individual, and family counseling. I am interested in gaining experience from people who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder to specialize in the future. 

    When I am not in school or working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends along with my dog, Levi. I enjoy taking Levi on walks and hanging out on patios in good weather. 

    I have been helped by counseling throughout my life in several situations and is the reason I choose to pursue a career in the mental health profession. I hope to help you in the same way with whatever your struggles may be, as well as prevention moving forward and please remember counseling is confidential and without judgment!